millom bell ringers

Have you ever thought of learning to 'Ring Bells'?



Ringing Tower Spiral Staircase
  • Are you able to climb a Spiral Staircase? - (41 steps)



  • Can you hold your arms above your Head and pull down?



  • Do you enjoy Good Company?



  • And want to do 'something different'?



Then you might be just the person(s) we are looking for.


Want to know more.... then please read on!


This web site was started at the beginning of September 2013 and is in its infancy. The information given here will enable you to find out what Millom Bell Ringers is about, how you can take part and let someone else know about us.


Volunteers are wanted ASAP to help clear out a lot of rubbish from the belfry - way up in the tower.

There are also jobs to do at ground level.

Then we can start the ringing.

We would especially like the names of people who used to ring the bells.


Please Contact Us with any information you think might help us 'get off the ground'!




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